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A revolution in medical care


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Our Mission

To provide medical professionals an ecosystem to allow and enable excellent, patient-focused care.

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What we Do...

Each Clinic will provide an 'ecosystem' so that medical professionals can provide excellent care for patients without distraction.  

It's very simple, for a fixed monthly overhead medical professionals receive everything they need to operate.  The ecosystem assists with KPI's, governance, peer-to-peer learning and continual professional development whilst maximising revenue and patient care.  All whilst being secure in the knowledge that there will be none of the headaches of office management.

We only work with professionals who put the patient first, who use evidence to drive decision making, who do not want the hassle of politics and who want a good work-life balance which ensures they are fresh to face the daily challenges of medicine.

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We take corporate, social & environmental responsibility extremely seriously. We are committed to delivering a real difference to the environment, the communities we serve & those less fortunate.


Company Core Values

The business will invest significant effort in ensuring that a collegial working environment in which the very best motivated & innovative individuals are recruited. This is of paramount importance as the initial colleagues will form the backbone of the business to ensure quick, successful growth & establish the correct culture.

The key principles of culture are:

- Patient Focussed
- Absolute Integrity
- Great Communication & Straight Talking
- Value-added approach
- Relentless pursuit of Excellence
- Innovation

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Where we support communities

We currently have offices in Salmon Arm and Revelstoke.  We are looking to support more communities as we expand.

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Do you want to know more...

If you are interested in finding out more, investing or strategic partnerships please contact us.

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